……amen to the first of us, to the doers that never-said-die, who were told with ruby mouths that the city of dreams lived on a bigger castle than their legs could reach, to the unpretty,…..who had to stomach white laughter before they could stand up and prove: you cannot judge me
I am unwriting the story you assigned me, I am worth something whether you want to see it or not

Amen to those who were told this meadow isn’t made for people like you, who came with flowers or seeds or whatever it took to grow themselves a place in it, who dug their hands bloody, who sang when they were asked for silence, who danced when asked to sit still, who created when all others desired their distraction

Amen and move forwards, trailblaze even if it means flamethrowers, eat up the cake you deserve and keep cooking.
When they bruise you, when they bend you, when they repeat that promise of ~nobody like you can do this~ take your vitamins, drink your water darling, and my love, my heart, keep moving ❤️


I’ll be here
If you ever meet the people
I’ll be here
The ones who every description of what they don’t want is what we are
I’ll be here
If love ever picks up a fight with you
I’ll be here
If it’s meaning confuses you and plays gamble with your heart
I’ll be here
If loneliness ever camps at your favorite chill spot
I’ll be here
If fear ever visits you and overstays
I’ll be here
If you don’t know if love is the feeling of butterflies in your stomach,or the act of pulling up a duvet over their toxic body
I’ll be here
If the curtains on stage drops before you are ready and fully dressed
I’ll be here
I’ll be here darling
I’ll be here Daughter of my land
I’ll be here if they don’t believe you and let you be free
If they don’t allow you to be one of the gods among men
I’ll be here
Call me
Shout my name Papa’s princess
Whisper my nickname woman
And just like the beast I tame
I’ll rise up to your screams
I will spit fire in all corners of the earth
I will burn them all with darkness
….and I will not rest until I tame all breath that disturbs the daughter of nature
I’ll always be here❣️. ~Lilac

Rest in power ❤️

The weather is cold..I bet it’s all parts of this land and I happen to spend the whole weekend at home(something so unlike me)…and not to mention home alone😑…but I think I needed it,am still trying to connect some dots here and nothing’s adding up,just as I expected…but you know that string of hope you cling to,just because it gives you some consolation,but anyway, long story short, Saturday was a lonely day,a sad one actually….to amend for that,I offered kuenda soko today after church,it was 5pm …..I opt to foot, can’t say why but somehow I thought it might lessen something tightening my heart everyday,I just assumed……
…….it’s already 8pm and insanely I decide to walk home,it’s roughly a 40mins walk and the dark is just beyond scary,but I got company,the crickets ofcos😊…..after all that,my heart’s still heavy but I feel alive a bit and I have had some fresh breathing,but I still can’t contemplate what living is….
………….how did we sign up for death??? why is grief so selfish and demands to be felt??? why do we have to balance between happiness and sadness??? can’t life be about one?? either happy or sad??? Is this balance thing a must?? we didn’t even ask for it or got a chance to chose?? Why does it have to be so??? What really is this?? Can’t we even have an opinion??
Grief is a clowned psychopath who laughs as we weep… at a point of surrender, I think I have reached my end nerve,…..this is just above me,
Death , one day you will die too,and I hope I will squeeze your throat and watch as your body shrinks ……
🥂 to the souls who left before us 🥂
It’s ironical
One day you’re energetically running up an unending flight of stairs; the next a doctor is congratulating you for finishing a bowl of soup. If you’re healthy and free, don’t miss out on the beauty of the miracle that Is the now. All of this is yours , yet none of it is. How could it be? Look around you . Everything is fleeting. ~Lilacmwesh🔥



You see those things that happen in a glance
So fast that you don’t even have enough time to feel them
Things happening so fast that you can’t even tell what you are witnessing
They leave a void in your heart
Days turn to moments of questions never ending
And you are just there stuck in shock and don’t even know how to react
Then all of a sudden,a time comes when a certain emotion decides to hit you even when not expecting
……like this one right here as am watching streetlights (reason why I love night travels)
This emotion is selfish in nature
And it demands to be felt
Grief demands to be felt.
But I believe
One day
Death will die too


It’s my birthday y’all

You see,time seems to be rushing out
Everything is moving so fast and I can’t even have a grasp of anything….
..the more we grow older,
it just hit me that the age of those above us is running out,
Parents getting old,
Siblings getting married,
Loved ones passing away,
Newborns knocking into this crazy world not aware of the evils of it’s existence,
Friends turning to strangers
…. and enemies becoming those we run to when in need…
..those we thought held us in their hearts turn out that,
the memory of us to their lives only comes up when they come across a post or a photo
…posted by the few who never get tired of lifting and dusting us…. I stand here,somethings are clear to me:
~Time is all that we got and don’t,
~You are all you got,
~No one cares whether you good, survive or not,
~You are always on your own


Attention!! Attention!!✋
All the the souls of earth and those of the universe🌍
Angels and spirits be calm 🤍
Hades and his demons remain still🕸️
I bring to you my star ✨
Not just a star,my living ⭐
Yes,one that has breath 🕊️
You are always there when I need you and that is never in doubt🌼
When am trying to work things out,your watch never leaves me😚
When troubled and sad, comforting like no other👌
You always make sure I know how much you love me😉
Your advices keep me standing and pushing💪
For no reason you hug me🥺
I love you mama❣️
I care for you my angel❤️
I know you will always be there and that thought makes me strong 💎
You are an angel in the shape of my mum❣️


Look out……
It’s dusk again
Hold it coz I know what you wanna say
“The sun will rise again tomorrow”
I believe you for sure
But darling trust me when I tell you
“That I know how the sun sets”
It’s not because I’ve seen it
It’s because I have felt every move it makes as it sinks 🖤

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