I’ll be here
If you ever meet the people
I’ll be here
The ones who every description of what they don’t want is what we are
I’ll be here
If love ever picks up a fight with you
I’ll be here
If it’s meaning confuses you and plays gamble with your heart
I’ll be here
If loneliness ever camps at your favorite chill spot
I’ll be here
If fear ever visits you and overstays
I’ll be here
If you don’t know if love is the feeling of butterflies in your stomach,or the act of pulling up a duvet over their toxic body
I’ll be here
If the curtains on stage drops before you are ready and fully dressed
I’ll be here
I’ll be here darling
I’ll be here Daughter of my land
I’ll be here if they don’t believe you and let you be free
If they don’t allow you to be one of the gods among men
I’ll be here
Call me
Shout my name Papa’s princess
Whisper my nickname woman
And just like the beast I tame
I’ll rise up to your screams
I will spit fire in all corners of the earth
I will burn them all with darkness
….and I will not rest until I tame all breath that disturbs the daughter of nature
I’ll always be here❣️. ~Lilac

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